Guerilla poetry


Agustina Woodgate wants to give garments a voice by sewing poets in them. She goes to local thrift stores to secretly sew the poets into the clothes. Before she goes to the store she pre-thread some needles and she prints lines from Sylvia Plath and Li Po onto clothing labels. She came up with this idea as a project for the O, Miami poetry festival.

Agustina says:” Sewing poems in clothes is a way of bringing poetry to everyday life just by displacing it, by removing it from a paper to integrate it and fuse it with our lives. Sometimes little details are stronger when they are separated from where they are expected to be.”

Typewriter art

Have you ever seen typewrite art before?  I never did, but it’s amazing. This art is made by Keira Rathbone. The 27- year old girl, just bought this old typewriter from a flee market. When she had nothing to write about, she experimented with it. The first drawings were pretty good, so she decided to continu this kind of art. Here you see her working.

Paper couture

I found this awesome book it is a student project of Rubin Scupin. From now on I am a fan of him, he also has other great work, you just have to click here. In this book there are a lot of different fashion designer. This book is real paper couture. Watch the movie and tell me what you think about it.

Dedo message board

What it is:

This board is made by Gonçalo Campos. This board is made of artificial fur. You can draw on it with your fingers. Maybe you recognize it from when you were a kid, making hearts on your couch. You can use this board as a message board, but also as a decoration piece. You can buy it here.

Why it’s cool:

Do I have to tell you?

My little piece of privacy

Niklas Roy his workshop is located in an old storefront with a big window facing towards the street. In an attempt to create more privacy inside, he decided to install a small but smart curtain in that window. The curtain is smaller than the window, but an additional surveillance camera and an old laptop provide it with intelligence: The computer sees the pedestrians and locates them. With a motor attached, it positions the curtain exactly where the pedestrians are. At the end it didn’t help him to get more privacy, because passengers were very interested in this curtain.

Coolhunt 1.4 Grass sculptures

What it is:

These sculptures are made of recycled metal soil and grass seeds. It is inspired by mother nature and the food cycle. He conveys the idea that these are what shapes the physical. These sculptures are made by Mathilde Roussel-Giraudy.

Why it’s cool:

These sculptures are very cool because you can use them as a decoration of your garden. But it is also very cool to know the message, because in this time of life the most people are very rushed and don’t have time to enjoy nature. With this sculpture it will remind people that nature is relaxing and very important for a human being.

Latte art

Wet Cappuccino with heart latte art

Image via Wikipedia

latte art, misschien heb je er al weleens van gehoord. Het is het maken van mooie figuren in het schuim van de cappuccino. Ik ben gek op koffie, mijn favoriet is toch altijd wel de koffie verkeerd en cappuccino kan ik ook erg waarderen. Helaas is de koffie uit het koffieautomaat bij ons eigenlijk een schande voor het imago van de koffie.

Toen ineens bedacht ik me dat niet alleen met het cacoapoeder leuke vormpjes worden gemaakt, maar ook in het schuim zelf. Ik ging op zoek en vond ontzettend veel leuke filmpjes van deze schuimkunst. Erg indrukwekkend sommige. En door het schrijven van deze post en het kijken naar de filmpjes heeft mijn lichaam weer een grote behoefte aan koffie. Even zetten.

how to make your own heart cappuccino, kijk het filmpje hieronder!

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