Banksy, London

New work from Banksy in London. Banksy is commenting on the rushed society we live in. We are always rushed, 24/7 available and we never take a moment to breathe. Not only artists like Banksy are noticing this. There are also a lot of designer, who are trying to make innovative products for this mentality group.

Trend: modern trompe L’oeil

What stood out to me in the sectors appearance and living is the use of the old trompe l’oeil technique. This is an old technique, the Romans already used, you paint something to make it look like something real. For example a window painted on a wall, it still is a wall, but it just looks like a window with a view. Nowadays designers use this as an inspiration for their products. With the new techniques for creating new kinds of materials there are a lot of possibilities. You can make floors, that look and feel like they are made of real wood, but in fact they are just made of plastic. This also applies in the fashion scene. Coats don’t have to be made of real fur, because we can make good look-a-likes now.


Custoprothetik is founded by Simon Colin. For his thesis of orthopedic studies, he made some colorful and expressive prosthesis. They jury was shocked, but he still wanted to continue his project. He came in contact with a men who was in need for a leg prosthesis. He suggest the man to make a personalized one. Colin only needed someone for the artistic part of the work, so hecalled his friend and graphic artist Emmanuel Wostyn. From now on Custoprothetik was alive.

The main idea of making these prosthesis is to break the taboo. People have to see it like a normal tattoo, but now on a prosthesis. People won’t have to feel uncomfortable anymore, because they now kan talk about the prosthesis as a positive thing. It will break social en psychological barriers. The company sees this project more as a social project than a project to make a lot of profit on.

This company/product is related to the trend of personalization, because you can make the prosthesis your own, just like a tattoo. You can carry your own stories around on your prosthesis and other people wont feel uncomfortable talking about it.

Guerilla poetry


Agustina Woodgate wants to give garments a voice by sewing poets in them. She goes to local thrift stores to secretly sew the poets into the clothes. Before she goes to the store she pre-thread some needles and she prints lines from Sylvia Plath and Li Po onto clothing labels. She came up with this idea as a project for the O, Miami poetry festival.

Agustina says:” Sewing poems in clothes is a way of bringing poetry to everyday life just by displacing it, by removing it from a paper to integrate it and fuse it with our lives. Sometimes little details are stronger when they are separated from where they are expected to be.”

Typewriter art

Have you ever seen typewrite art before?  I never did, but it’s amazing. This art is made by Keira Rathbone. The 27- year old girl, just bought this old typewriter from a flee market. When she had nothing to write about, she experimented with it. The first drawings were pretty good, so she decided to continu this kind of art. Here you see her working.

Paper couture

I found this awesome book it is a student project of Rubin Scupin. From now on I am a fan of him, he also has other great work, you just have to click here. In this book there are a lot of different fashion designer. This book is real paper couture. Watch the movie and tell me what you think about it.

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