Green Replay store

This is a project of a new Replay concept store in Florence. The garden is designed by vertical garden design. A company that is specialised in vertical gardens, if you want to know how vertical gardens work and if you want to see more of their projects you should watch their site. During this project they were collaborating with architects of Studio 10 The garden is inspired by the plants that can be found in the lower parts of the hills, near behind Florence.

This store is related to the trend nature city balance. Because most people in the world are very rushed, they want to create spaces where they can relax. Nature is an important element for a lot of people to relax. This store shows the need for more green.


What it is:

Patch is the first watch that is completely biodegradable.  It is made of paper with a simple led-clock. The Swiss brand Altanus worked four years on this watch. Patch feels like second skin, the paper is edited with a coating that makes the watch water-resistant. There are 3 different collections: 1. basic (watches in one colour) 2. summer (with a summer print) 3. Flag (with flags of different country’s). The watches are available from 24 euros.

Why it is cool:

This is the first watch that is completely biodegradable, so that means it is good for the environment. It is a product of the trend durability.


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