Lady bonin’s tea parlour

Jessica Bonin, came up with the idea to revolutionise the tea drinking culture, a healthy alternative to the take-away coffee. She travels from place to place, selling loose-leaftea in Biodegradable packaging. You can also buy some ice-teas and packaged tea and she now also gives tea leaf readings.  Lady Bonin’s Tea Parlour travels the world in an old colourful caravan. This 1975 Vintage Jurgens Caravan has been kept in its original condition with a few additions such as fantastic shelving by Isle Of Trees, modern wall paper, Indian curtains, bohemian, vintage and collectibles adding to the decor.  The caravan is essentially a mobile tea room and travels from market to market, festival to party. To start, the caravan is powered primarily by gas. In the future solar power will be installed.

In this concept it’s all about eco, the cups are biodegradable, they only use water and leafs and in the future the caravan will be solar-powered. This concept is a reaction on the stress society. We are living in a rushed society, when you have a break you grab a cup of take-away coffee. This concept shows you can also take time for yourself and enjoy a healthy cup of tea.

Trees as streetlights

What it is:

A group of scientist in Taiwan recently discovered a way to let trees glow. By placing gold nano particles within the leaves of trees, they will give off a red glow. They infused the leaves of Bacopa Caroliniana. The scientists call this bio-LED. The bio-LED could be used for lighting the road for passersby without the need for electric power.

Why it’s cool:

Using trees to replace street lights would save on electricity costs and cut CO2 emissions, but it could also reduce light pollution in major cities. This idea is related to the trend nature city balance, because the street lights will look very natural this way. This idea is also related to the trend sustainability because it will cut CO2 emissions.



Architects t3arc have created 20 rooms made from recycled concrete pipes. The hotelconcept is called Tubohotel. This idea is inspired by dasparkhotel, a concept in Germany. The concept was based on the fact that t3arc saw a need of low priced spaces that were eco-responsible and they saw a need for the use of wast materials for construction. The rooms include a queen-size bed, desk light and fan and there is space under the bed for some storage.  The Tubohotel is located in the Magic Village of Tepoztlan.  It’s about 45 minutes of mexico city. The rooms are priced $42 a night, they hope the price will attract backpackers and people who are looking for an alternative and unique accommodation. For bathroom facilities there are two communal bath houses with private showers.

This concept is related to the trend sustainability, because the use wast materials for construction. This concept is also related to the trend experience economy, because it is an alternative way of camping.

Green Replay store

This is a project of a new Replay concept store in Florence. The garden is designed by vertical garden design. A company that is specialised in vertical gardens, if you want to know how vertical gardens work and if you want to see more of their projects you should watch their site. During this project they were collaborating with architects of Studio 10 The garden is inspired by the plants that can be found in the lower parts of the hills, near behind Florence.

This store is related to the trend nature city balance. Because most people in the world are very rushed, they want to create spaces where they can relax. Nature is an important element for a lot of people to relax. This store shows the need for more green.

G-star werkt met brandnetels

Brandnetels verwerkt in kleding? ik had er nog nooit van gehoord, maar Gstar gaat er mee aan het werk.  Op het moment word hard gewerkt aan de lijn RAW sustainable die wordt opgedeeld in 3 categoriën. De opvallendste hiervan vind ik toch wel Raw nettle. De collectie is gemaakt van een mix van organisch katoen en brandnetelvezels. Brandnetelvezel is van nature een holle vezel die bij het dragen een isolerende werking heeft. Het doek voelt glad en is dunner dan de reguliere spijkerstof.  Voor deze lijn werkt Gstar samen met Brennels, een Nederlands bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in het verwerken van brandnetel in kleding.

De andere twee lijnen zijn Raw organic; hier wordt gestreefd om het gebruik van pesticiden en andere schadelijke processen tot een minimum te beperken. Bij de collectie RAW recycled worden de katoenen vezels van gebruikte denim gemengd met bio katoen.

deze 3 lijnen zijn onderdeel van de spring/summer collectie 2011

gstar nettle

Coolhunt 1.2 Klok op H2O


What it is:

This is a clock that runs on water. The clock has a galvanic cell that generates a chemical reaction by adding water to it. When the digits fade, you just have to add some new water to it.  The clock runs about two weeks after you filled it.

Why it’s cool:

Yearly there are a lot of batteries that are not handed in by people. It’s very bad for the environment to not hand in the batteries, so this is a great alternative. This clock runs on water so you don’t have to use any batteries. It has everything to do with sustainability and environment.


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