What it is:

An Indian tour operator offers prepaid holidays in a box. Box holidays are prepackaged holidays that can be purchased online or in participating retail stores. In this box you can find the including price, the validity period, service inclusions and exclusions, complimentary offers. loyalty benefits, discounts, cancellation rules and hotel images. Now you don’t have to put effort in organising a vacation. The buyers of this product only have to call to schedule the products. SOTC Box Holidays are available at Globus stores in Mumbai and select BigBazaar outlets in Delhi, as well as online.

Why it’s cool:

This product connects to the mentality trend: instant gratification. We want everything packaged and well, because we don’t want to put a lot effort in doing research, in this case, for vacations. We are living in a rushed society. This product gives you all the things you need for your vacation. You don’t have to organize something by yourself. You can now also easily give a vaation as a gift.


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