Happy magic water cube

What it is:

The famous watercube of Beijing, were the Summer Olympics of 2008 took place is converted into a happy magic water park.  After the olympics, the water cube didn’t have a real function. So the park was designed to bring renewed interest and draw more tourists to the often ghost town-like Olympic grounds. Inside the park you will experience an underwater wonderland with blue bubbles and floating jellyfishes. The pool has 10 different rides, a wave pool, a lazy river and much more. The architecture of the building is very helpful for the water park, because it has an incredible daylight interior and energy efficient design. The water cube is the second most visited building in Beijing after the great wall.

Why it’s cool:

This water park is related to the trend experience economy, because this is not a usual swimming pool. When you are in this water park, it is like you are in an underwater world. This park is also a really cool redesign, designed by Forrec.


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